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Benchmarking Research

The benchmarking process, capturing best practice and incorporating it into your organization, has become a crucial management tool in both business improvement and market competitiveness perspectives. 

The benchmarking process is fairly straightforward (see our article on Benchmarking Basics) but for those looking for Benchmarking reports, books or research material there are a number of online resources that you can utilize.

We’ve setup this page as a placeholder – somewhere to put the best Benchmarking resource links – we’ll update this page as we get more resources so be sure to check back regularly or subscribe to our RSS feed to get informed of updates.  If you have a Benchmarking resource you want to promote please use the comments section below.
What is Benchmarking

Benchmarking Case Studies & Industry Examples Healthcare Case Study

Benchmarking Associations – Automotive – 6Sigma Benchmarking Association – Aerspace & Defence Association – Finance & Banking
Benchmarking Books